Life Cycle

Part 1 Part 2 Judgement Free: The Life Cycle of Abuse, Addiction, and Trafficking Article By:  Jessica L. Shank If I told you that I used to sell myself for everything from rent and bills to drugs and food, what would your initial thought be?  Would it be, “and she seemed like such a nice…continue reading

Media Madness

How media portrays sex trafficking, the reasons why and some of the impacts of showcasing trafficking as they do.

Heart Like a River

Heidi Volkl, a therapist at Healing Action, explains mindfulness. Through Heidi’s own perspectives, this blog post illustrates the benefits of mindfulness and quotes several lines from a Buddhist Monk.

Awareness vs. Understanding

Awareness vs. Understanding of Human Trafficking. It’s essential to move past myths, stereotypes, and fears that feed panic around Human Trafficking. We need to replace these dangerous myths with a deeper understanding of how human trafficking happens to create ways to stop it before it even happens and help survivors. Awareness Awareness can be defined…continue reading

Get to Know Healing Action: Meet Jason, Director of Strategic Advancement

Meet Jason Seward, Healing Action’s Director of Strategic Advancement! Jason provides information about his role at the agency, his favorite part of working at Healing Action, and more. “A typical day at Healing Action? Nothing’s ever typical… Every day is truly different.” Check out what Jason has to share by watching the video below:

Healing Action’s 2020 Impact Report

Healing Action’s 2020 Impact Report is here, providing insight on our successes, challenges, and COVID-19 response. Hear from Founder and Executive Director, Katie Rhoades, see the highlights of our services, and learn more about how you can get involved. View the 2020 Impact Report “Though we cannot be certain of what the future holds, we…continue reading

A Survivor’s Story: 243 Days

In our last blog post, a Healing Action member and survivor wrote about her experiences to illustrate the difference between trauma and complex trauma. In this post, she continues to share her journey of resilience and recovery. Read below for her story of belly laughs at “the big house”. 243 Days Where to go from…continue reading

A Survivor’s Story: Trauma vs Complex Trauma

One of the survivors we serve at Healing Action recently wrote a compelling article about the difference between trauma and complex trauma. She shares from her own experiences and highlights the lasting impacts of trauma. Read her blog post below:  Trigger Warning: PTSD, trauma and neglect Trauma vs Complex Trauma I think it is essential…continue reading