Language of a Trafficker

Yes, specific terminology is used by traffickers. I found this very disturbing to a lay figure such as myself. As with many cultures, words signify a particular meaning of something about to happen or needs to be done or a way to get a message across to someone without another person knowing what is being…continue reading

The Word Poor

When a person thinks of Sex Trafficking and Exploitation, many words, ideas, and questions may arise. Most of these questions start with the words why and how. Many survivors could probably start their stories with these words, “I was poor, and I needed…” Poor. It seems like such a dirty word. Some say being poor…continue reading


What does fear mean? How can fear contribute to impacting life? How can adversity in childhood create long-lasting fears? Fear is defined as an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous and likely to cause pain or a threat. So, what causes fear? The deep seeded feeling which elicits your…continue reading

Oppression and Trafficking

Trafficking and exploitation, like other social issues, intersect with oppression. Oppression creates increased risks for those individuals to be more at risk for trafficking and exploitation. Unfortunately, there is little research into the ‘why’ oppressed populations are more vulnerable to sex trafficking and exploitation but there are links which demonstrate a higher likelihood of being…continue reading

Healing Action Named a Top Place for Women to Work

Healing Action Named A Top Place for Women to Work in New “Women in the Workplace” Report. The Women’s Foundation of Greater St. Louis Recognizes Healing Action for Demonstrating A Strong Commitment to Workplace Gender Equity. ST LOUIS – July 12, 2022 – Today, Healing Action was recognized by the Women’s Foundation of Greater St….continue reading

Life Cycle

Part 1 Part 2 Judgement Free: The Life Cycle of Abuse, Addiction, and Trafficking Article By:  Jessica L. Shank If I told you that I used to sell myself for everything from rent and bills to drugs and food, what would your initial thought be?  Would it be, “and she seemed like such a nice…continue reading

Media Madness

How media portrays sex trafficking, the reasons why and some of the impacts of showcasing trafficking as they do.

Heart Like a River

Heidi Volkl, a therapist at Healing Action, explains mindfulness. Through Heidi’s own perspectives, this blog post illustrates the benefits of mindfulness and quotes several lines from a Buddhist Monk.

Awareness vs. Understanding

Awareness vs. Understanding of Human Trafficking. It’s essential to move past myths, stereotypes, and fears that feed panic around Human Trafficking. We need to replace these dangerous myths with a deeper understanding of how human trafficking happens to create ways to stop it before it even happens and help survivors. Awareness Awareness can be defined…continue reading