Leave A Legacy

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant."
Robert Louis Stevenson

There are many ways to leave a legacy for people and causes you care about – while also providing financial and tax benefits to you and your family. Below are just a few suggestions to discuss with your attorney/financial advisor.


When people hear the words “planned giving” they often think it is only something very wealthy people do. The reality is people of all income levels can have a dramatic effect on nonprofits with their charitable giving.

Bequest Healing Action in a Will or Trust

One of the many ways that a supporter may choose to express their commitment to our long-term sustainability is by naming Healing Action in your will or trust. This is a way to make a lasting investment in Healing Action without affecting your current financial security and freedom. Planned gifts offer you the flexibility to balance your personal financial goals and your desire to provide for loved ones with your interest in supporting Healing Action. If you already have included Healing Action in your estate plans, please contact Cassandra Cooke, Advancement Director, at [email protected].

Bequests and living trusts are some of the most common tools of planned giving. You may choose to give a specific dollar amount or a percentage of your estate, or any part of the residual which is the remainder of the estate after all bequests and obligations are satisfied.

Healing Action Partners with survivors and the community to end commercial sexual exploitation.
We do this through community awareness, client advocacy, and a comprehensive array of services.

Bequests to Consider

Allows Healing Action to direct the gift where it is needed most.
Donor directs the use of the funds for a particular purpose (for counseling programs or training programs, etc.).
Gives all or a percentage of what remains in your estate to Healing Action after all other specific bequests have been satisfied and all debts and expenses have been paid.
Allows Healing Action to direct the gift where it is needed most.
Gives all or a poration of your estate to healing Action when a named individual beneficiary dies before you. For example, “I give $20,000 to my neighbor John, but if he does not survive me, the bequest shall be given to Healing Action.”

You can include wording in your will or trust such as: “I give, devise, and bequeath to Healing Action located in St. Louis, MO 63139 (Tax Identification Number: 45-4398011) the amount of $________, or ______% of the residual of my estate, to be used for general operating support. There are many vehicles that may be used in estate planning including various types of trusts, annuities, stock transfers, life insurance designations, retirement plans, etc. Your financial situation is unique, so it is important to discuss with your attorney/financial advisor the best tools to carry out your wishes.

This information is not intended to be financial or legal advice, so please consult with your professional advisors to determine the current law and the best way for you to invest in Healing Action. We would like to share with you the many ways your support of Healing Action will impact the individuals we serve. Please contact Cassandra Cooke, Advancement Director at [email protected] for more information.