AmeriCorps VISTA Service Opportunities

Are you ready to make a sustained, positive impact in your community?  Healing Action Network (HAN) AmeriCorps VISTA program places committed individuals with non-profits to create change and empower individuals and communities in human trafficking. AmeriCorps members in the VISTA program serve full-time, for a full year, on a specific project within one sponsoring organization and have the opportunity to develop programs and processes that will continue long after they are gone.

Current AmeriCorp VISTA Openings

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Questions to consider

What does an AmeriCorps member in the VISTA program do?

AmeriCorps members in the VISTA program serve with one organization for one year and will work to develop resources and build capacity for that agency while also building their own leadership and professional skills. Using their passion, commitment, and simple hard work, they create or expand programs that serve low-income individuals and communities.

AmeriCorps  members in the VISTA program typically do not provide direct service. Instead, they complete projects that build the capacity of the organization they serve. AmeriCorps members in the VISTA program may develop volunteer programs, improve services based on best-practice research, or find funding to allow the organization to expand. 

AmeriCorps members in the VISTA program will not displace staff positions or duties. They are brought in to increase the scope of work that an organization is able to accomplish. Their work is meant to last long after they have finished their term of service.

Through their service, AmeriCorps members in the VISTA program gain hands-on experience and invaluable skills for future careers. (See below for more benefits of service).

Why should I apply to be an AmeriCorps member in the VISTA program?

Be a Part of Something Bigger
When you serve with AmeriCorps, you join a network of more than 1 million strong. AmeriCorps alumni continue to give back to the country through civic-minded activity. The community you build while serving with AmeriCorps is unlike any other. 

Grow Personally and Professionally
Learn and grow while fighting poverty and giving back to a community. Individuals who serve with AmeriCorps build new skill sets that they can take with them wherever they go. Older Americans can apply their hard-earned knowledge to make an impact in a new environment. More than an internship or an entry-level position, you will be directly working on projects that are changing people’s lives for the better.

Receive Benefits for Your Service
AmeriCorps provides several benefits for its volunteers and members. Education awards are available to AmeriCorps members, as well as supplemental health insurance, loan deferment, and childcare. See below for a complete list.

What are the requirements to be an AmeriCorps member in the VISTA Program?

  • Be 18 years or older (no upper age limit!) 
  • Be a US citizen, US National, Lawful Permanent Resident or person legally residing within a state (refugee, asylee, DACA status).
  • Some sponsoring organizations require special skills or other qualifications
  • Full-year commitment
  • VISTA positions are full-time. Some organizations may allow AmeriCorps members in the VISTA program to work a part-time job or go to school while others may not. Before you commit to a program, be sure you’re okay with the time frame and work hours required.
  • All applications must be completed through the MyAmeriCorps portal to be considered. 

Are there benefits for serving in the AmeriCorps VISTA program?

  • On-site training on human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation awareness 
  • Health insurance (optional) 
  • Childcare Stipend (where applicable) 
  • Bi-Weekly Living Allowance of $877.66 
  • Education Award of $7,395 at conclusion of 1-year service 

AmeriCorps members in the VISTA program also have opportunities to attend career development events and build their own professional networks. The benefits of service extend far beyond the year spent serving. The skills and connections gained during your year of service will make you more competitive when applying to jobs or schools.,

What will I be assisting with as HAN AmeriCorps VISTA member?

  • Grant Writing
  • Volunteer Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Data Reporting
  • Administrative Tasks
  • Fundraising
  • Communications
  • Many other capacity building tasks

How To Apply

To apply for a HAN AmeriCorps position, please follow the following steps:

  • Create a MyAmeriCorps account/profile at (please note that your profile will function as your content for any application you officially submit to an individual AmeriCorps VISTA position)
  • Sign into your MyAmeriCorps account
  • Go to the MyAmeriCorps page for any Healing Action Network AmeriCorps position that you want to apply for. To find the position’s MyAmeriCorps page, either click on the position’s hyperlinked title on this page or run a search for the position using the MyAmeriCorps website’s search engine (write “Healing Action Network” in the Program field)
  • Once you are on the position’s MyAmeriCorps page, click on the “Apply Now” button at the bottom of the page

Questions? Contact Libby Trammell at [email protected].