Using Social Media for Social Good

Facebook’s Fundraisers are a great opportunity to raise funds and awareness for Healing Action and the survivors of sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation we serve. 

Each month, whoever raises the most money through Facebook Fundraisers will win a swag basket from Healing Action! When you begin fundraising, we will reach out to you to provide you with a Media Kit full of sample graphics that you can share to promote your fundraiser. 

Start a Facebook Fundraiser now or sign up to dedicate a future fundraiser. Learn more below!

Start your Facebook Fundraiser now by clicking here for a chance to win this month’s swag basket!

Want to dedicate your next birthday fundraiser to Healing Action? Or fundraise for a special holiday? You can sign up for a future fundraiser using our online calendar! We will contact you to remind you and provide you with a Media Kit. Sign up here!