Healing Action’s 2020 Impact Report

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Healing Action’s 2020 Impact Report is here, providing insight on our successes, challenges, and COVID-19 response. Hear from Founder and Executive Director, Katie Rhoades, see the highlights of our services, and learn more about how you can get involved.

“Though we cannot be certain of what the future holds, we ended 2020 much like we began, with an eye to the future. We are more confident than ever of the need to hold true in our values. 

It is ever more apparent the need to align our focus and sight on the true causes of human trafficking and commercial exploitation; long-standing systemic discrimination related to racism, classism, homophobia, and sexism. As well as inequalities related to employment, housing, poverty, healthcare, policing, incarcerations, etc. Creating a community free of exploitation means telling the truth about the real causes of exploitation and creating solutions that help all of those currently affected and at risk.”

Katie Rhoades, MSW
Survivor, Founder, Executive Director
2020 – Year in Review