Stories of Healing in Action – August 2020

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August Stories of Healing in Action

COVID-19 has brought changes to Healing Action, but we are still delivering services and supporting survivors through this time. Check out the uplifting stories below from our staff.

Healing Action Staff and Member Stories:

  • One thing I have learned from our members is the depths of generosity they reach and how they learn to balance that with healthy boundaries. One member I have been working with has been doing some intense coordination to provide for an aging family member. Still, she has consistently set healthy boundaries for herself and called upon natural supports, despite feeling pressure always to be “doing more.” She is actively demonstrating to her family (and herself) that you can care for someone without sacrificing your values.  
  • Members have been so grateful for our bi-weekly food deliveries. One member told me how grateful she is to have fresh produce in our food deliveries since her regular food pantry has been closed since mid-March. She is also thankful for the cat food provided through Stray Rescue, which helps keep her cat happy and healthy.  
  • Over the last few months, the staff has gone above and beyond to meet members’ needs. Healing Action does a great job of meeting members where they are at all times. When the realities of COVID set in, the service team put in 110% effort to make sure members still received services.  
  • Right when this pandemic started, a member was finally able to move into her own apartment by applying for ESG assistance. She continues to work full time and maintain her housing. She was also ready to celebrate completing her probation in her own place. 
  • I was fortunate to get the opportunity to deliver a member groceries last week through our bi-weekly food drops. It was the first time I got to see this person in close to 5 months. We talked about our lives for nearly a half-hour, and I look forward to getting close to them through these drops in the future!