Stories of Healing in Action – July 2020

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Check out this month’s Stories of Healing in Action!

Healing Action staff share some of the highlights, progress, and milestones Healing Action members have experienced through services.

Healing Action Staff and Member Stories:

  • I have been working with a member on figuring out how to budget and catch up with her rent. She has been independently making calls to her rental assistance case managers, talking with her property manager to get records, following up with me. She has recently mentioned the goal of opening a bank account! She knows she wants to manage money better and is on a good path to do so! 
  • I assisted a member in getting out of a violent situation at her home and moving into her own apartment! This is the very first time she has had an apartment of her own with her name on the lease. She utilized ESG funding, and without it, this would not have been an option. She is so very thankful for ESG and healing action!!  
  • A member grew up in a household where she could not ask for anything without fearing punishment (or just completely ignored). As a result, she learned that her needs, as well as her as a person, overall did not matter. Because of that, she tended to be as quiet as possible and not feeling like her thoughts or opinions ever mattered enough to share with others. After doing therapy for the past ten months at Healing Action, she has been able to reach out to her service manager and therapist when she needs something on her own (which she typically never did before). She can use the words “I need” and “I deserved” and know that someone is listening to her and respecting her. She has also been able to stand up for herself to people in her personal life when she has not felt as though they were listening to her or being honest with her.   
  • After being evicted from her apartment and spending many months living in hotels, one of our members finally has her own home again!! She will be receiving rental assistance through the ESG program for the next few months as she settles in. We are working with Home Sweet Home to get her all the household supplies and furniture she needs to feel at home again!
  • I worked with a member who has not kept doctor’s appointments. We set goals around this member’s health. I helped her set up the appointment, and she attended! She was able to update some of her prescriptions and make a concrete health goal with her medical provider. We will continue to follow-up and adjust her goals as needed. I hope this is one part of her journey to healing!  
  • A member that has worked with Healing Action for over three years felt ready to “graduate” from our services recently! She was proud to share that, with Healing Action’s support, she has been able to achieve financial stability! For this member, that means having all of her credit card bills paid off, utility bills with a zero balance, and being up to date with her rent. Achieving financial stability and having no debt gives this member peace of mind!