Stories of Healing in Action – October 2020

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October Stories of Healing in Action

The survivors we serve inspire us with their strength, resilience, and courage. Check out the October Stories of Healing in Action below to see what staff and AmeriCorps members have to share this month!

Healing Action Staff and Member Stories:

  • I am appreciative of all our AmeriCorps Members and the support they provide to staff and our members!
  • Recently I was chatting with a member who is going through a rough patch, and they were sharing how they often approach tough times with humor. They said, “I’d rather be laughing than crying” to which I almost shouted through the phone “me too!” and we both had a good laugh at that shared moment.
  • This week I was checking in with a member for porch visit, and this year she has finally been able to move into permanent stable housing. The member and I shared a good laugh about times that we have provided outreach during homeless episodes, and all our annoying unconditional care and concern.
  • A member called the other day and was talking to me saying she needed some clothes and was very worried there weren’t going to be many options for her, but luckily, I was able to put her at ease. I shared with her that over the past few months we had received several clothing donations, so much that we barely have the space to keep it all, so I assured her there was a variety of sizes and styles that she would be able to choose from and still be able to dress the way she wants! She was so happy and relieved to hear that and was incredibly excited!
  • A member recently told me how grateful she was for me in her life, because I push her to work on goals that she would never push herself towards on her own. She has taken incredible steps to achieve financial stability and is saving money for the future!
  • I had a great laugh with a client this week because she FINALLY got her unemployment benefits after being laid off due to the pandemic. Her debit card that held these much-needed funds got sent to 3 wrong addresses and after I went to 2 post offices, we finally got it!
  • Last week, I was able to interact with member and her daughter. She was so joyful and appreciative of Healing Action, it made all the hard work worth it and reminded me why I work for Healing Action!