Stories of Healing in Action – September 2020

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September Stories of Healing in Action

As we continue to navigate COVID-19, Healing Action staff remains dedicated to serving survivors. Check out the stories below from our staff and AmeriCorps members highlighting some of their memorable moments in September.

Healing Action Staff and Member Stories:

  • I was able to house someone with six felonies and teach them how best to advocate for themselves moving forward.
  • The pandemic hit me hard. I was lost without my work and class routine that I had relied on, and graduating during quarantine was not how I planned to celebrate my last few months of undergrad. I was on a slippery slope and was losing motivation every single day. Healing Action was exactly the change of scenery that I needed. I have only been here a few weeks, but I leave work every day with a smile on my face because I am so happy to be doing this work, and I’m finally starting to feel like myself again. I love connecting with members and talking with other Healing Action employees about their experiences. Our daily operations may look a little different because of COVID, but I am determined to make the most of the time that I have with Healing Action. 
  • I brought in some donations of baking supplies, and a member told me about her love of baking. We started connecting over baking and sharing tips and favorite things to make. The pure joy I could see in her eyes and hear in her voice while we talked about a shared passion was incredible. She made my day better, and I hope I helped make hers even better too! 
  • I recently asked a member if she would benefit from any items in our boutique (clothes, hygiene products, etc.). She provided me with some items that would be helpful. I called her and told her that we could drop off these items to her and also start including her in our bi-weekly food drops. She instantly became emotional and expressed so much gratitude for Healing Action.
  • I came to Healing Action a bit nervous about what to expect. My former practicum experience was fairly limited by COVID-19, and I didn’t really feel like I was really making a difference. Within my first few weeks at Healing Action, I have been made to feel so incredibly welcomed, comfortable, and valued as part of the team. Each staff member has been extremely kind, and I have been extraordinarily impressed with their dedication to the team, to the members they work with, and to the organization. I genuinely could not be more excited to work with this team and to be part of such a wonderful organization.
  • I love being able to help with the Healing Hunger project by picking up the food and getting it ready for drop offs! It has been a wonderful experience to provide additional help with groceries for members. I’m happy to be able to collaborate with the service team on this initiative!