Stories of Survivors – March 2020

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Check out this month’s Stories of Survivors!

Our staff share some meaningful experiences they have had when working with our members over the past month.

Fun Fact! At Healing Action, we refer to our clients as members. Our members are strong, resilient, and able to feel like they are part of a family and community at Healing Action.

Healing Action Staff and Member Stories:

  • A member called in to talk out triggers that they were experiencing. Through providing active listening, I was left feeling worried about wanting to do more in this hard time. By the end of the call, the member expressed how grateful they were for Healing Action and the support we offer. This member left a huge impact on me by displaying strength in a tough situation, and it reminded me of how vital Healing Action is for members and staff.
  • I have been able to work with a member to schedule and attend many outstanding doctor appointments. She is getting answers about her health and working hard to take her medications every day!
  • I approved housing funds for three members to ensure stable housing is maintained and they don’t get evicted
  • A member is off probation for the first time in over a decade and is working towards saving for a car.
  • As a result of all the resources and support Healing Action providesmembers feel like someone truly cares about them and wants the best for them. They may not be used to that kind of support, and it can be life changing.
  • After being in therapy for six months, a member was not only able to recognize but also say aloud that she deserved to have her needs met in life.
  • Recently I was able to utilize grant funds to pay off a member’s vast amount of debt to Ameren that was run up by her pimp. This meant she could get an apartment in her name for the first time in 6 years.
  • The excitement across the state from providers regarding collaboration efforts is so inspiring. It makes all the work we have done feel worth it.
  • I have been working with a member a lot this past month. Throughout my time here since August, I’ve seen this member relapse, call the office from jail in crisis, and yesterday I was able to laugh with her in my car to music and congratulate her on her six months sober anniversary. It was meaningful to me to share her excitement and affirm how awesome she’s doing.
  • A member had insight into the reason she was in an emotional crisis and identified her triggers.
  • With our new ESG grant, I’ve assisted two members with their rental assistance applications. Both of them were incredibly grateful for Healing Action and our continued support.
  • We were able to engage with 50 other individuals at the first statewide Coalition Against Trafficking and Exploitation (CATE) meeting. It was hopeful and exciting to see the mix of providers, law enforcement, courts, and legal providers, people for all sectors come together to make big changes for survivors in the state.